episode 1 - page 15

17th Dec 2012, 11:40 AM

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episode 1 - page 15
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[panel 1]
Aline - So... there is a small army on their heels and it looks like they have unconventional equipment. I wonder...
[panel 2]
Aline - What? Such technologies should be forbidden on-- uh?
[panel 3]
Disciple bx - why did the lights go out?
Disciple ln - What's going on? my fellow, is there any problem?
Aline [Leral, aline here. The channel is free and I urgently need to talk with you]
Leral - Calm down, it's just the main generator. We're having issues with it today. Wait for me here, I'll go check it
[panel 4]
Soldier - Done already? How the heck did you do that?
Jada - Piece of cake, it was even easier this time. Something isn't right, you too go ahead. I want to check one thing first
[panel 5]
Aline [Did you figure out something for them?
Leral - Nuts, our guests are just nuts! But, but no. I got nowhere fast with them. Anyway, what about the black-out?
Aline [We have some intruders, they tried to break through the defense system network in a rather childish way. I intercepted them in a honeypot in order to trick them into believing they got through]
[panel 6]
Leral [But now they are inside right?]
Aline [Don't worry I can keep them busy and at the end of the tunnel there's a big surprise for them]
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